Ombudsman report exposes corruption at heart of PSNI case against me

I have finally received confirmation that the Police Ombudsman has completed their investigation into my complaints of serious misconduct by the PSNI in relation to their political and malicious contrived handling of the ‘case’ brought against me. 
 This report was of course withheld because its findings are so damaging to the PSNI that the case against me would have been dismissed immediately, sadly the Police Ombudsman contrived a ‘review’-of their own findings- so as to ensure that the evidence contained within the report, which entirely contradicts so called ‘evidence’ given, under oath, to the court by PSNI officers up to the rank of Assistant Chief Constable. It also dismisses the myth that ‘no minutes exist’ of the secret meetings the PSNI held, minutes do exist and this report will prove it. 

Unsurprisingly this ‘review’ was completed on the 7th May, one day after the end of my case. I will let people make up their own mind on that. 

The letter I received confirmed that recommendations have been made to the Service Improvement Department of the PSNI; this is the body within the PSNI that deals with misconduct by officers. This also is acknowledgement that my complaints of misconduct by PSNI officers have been upheld. 

The above casts a dark shadow over the so called process of justice; officers who have been found guilty of misconduct in relation to my case were taken at their word by the Judge. It is imperative that this report is now released in its entirety, not only to me, but to the public. 

This report will be introduced as evidence in my case in the appeal courts. I must say it is rather ironic that it seems the very officers that Judge Bagnall lauded as truthful witnesses are some of those who could face internal disciplinary procedures for misconduct and corruption in relation to the handling of my case. I surmise that the Judge may feel rather short changed when it becomes apparent that those she believed were in fact the guilty ones.


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