The perversion of Policing & Justice stemming from the Hillsborough surrender!

Since the devolution of policing and justice in 2010 there has been a gradual worsening in the relationship between the PSNI and the Protestant community. This relationship was always a shaky one given that the PSNI sprang from the heinous Patten reforms that dismantled the RUC and furthermore allowed for the demonization and vilification of that once proud Police Force. 

I have long since held the view that during the Hillsborough agreement, which I feel should be more aptly named the Hillsborough surrender, an underhand deal was made that handed the levers of justice to Sinn Fein in exchange for them supporting a cross community candidate for the justice ministry. Sinn Fein’s prize was that a person of their choice would be appointed Director of Public Prosecutions and the person they choose was Mr Barra McGrory, the former solicitor of choice for the majority of the IRA Army Council and also the man chosen to corporately represent the IRA On the runs! Mr McGrory got slightly confused about what his exact role was in devising the perverse OTR scheme and his evidence to the NI Select Affairs Committee was contradicted by the report by Lady Justice Hallet. The DPP has not taken kindly to me expressing this particular narrative about how he came to be DPP, he used tax payers money to engage a private legal firm to send me a threatening legal letter threatening civil action unless I withdrew my comments about what I perceive to be the biased nature of the PPS. I replied informing Mr McGrory that I would look forward to him serving papers on me and that I would be more than happy to seek full disclosure on the exact secret agreements at Hillsborough castle and Mr McGrorys speedy rise to his current lofty position. I heard no more on the issue. What does that tell you? 

It is in this context that Protestants have been relentlessly pursued by the PSNI and PPS, former members of the RUC, UDR and British Army have also been pursued all the while IRA terrorists have comfort letters, Royal Pardons and failing that the PPS would find insufficient grounds to prosecute any pro Agreement Republicans anyway! 

We have republicans caught as part of an operation to plant a bomb and the PPS drop the charges to cigarette smuggling. One would find it hard to believe this would happen anywhere else in the world! We have men caught with semtex and guns and have charges dropped due to insufficient evidence. Then we have Protestants who are hauled before the courts for playing a flute or walking the Queens highway. In my own case the PPS changed the law so as just to prosecute me, forcing me to prove my innocence. It was that extraordinary that even the justice committee have been shamed into investigating just what on earth is going on. We have the Pride of Ardoyne being prosecuted for playing a flute in their community where they are wanted and where our culture is celebrated, meanwhile we have the PPS refusal to prosecute the Druids for nakedly sectarian comments. We see the caution handed out to Royal pardon recipient Gerry ‘bomber’ Kelly for jumping in front of a police landrover and presiding over a baying mob trying to smash their way into the landrover, contrast this with flag protestors who are locked up for the crime of ‘provocatively waving the Union flag’. These are just some examples but if they don’t cause you to realise that there is something seriously wrong in this country then you are blind or worse still, you just simply refuse to see! 

The judiciary play along with the farcical persecutions mounted by the PSNI and PPS. At times even in the face of the most blatant evidence of police corruption, lies and abuse of process- the judiciary more often than not turn a blind eye! They raise no cause for concern when PSNI object to bail for IRA victims with no criminal record and happily agree to bail for Sean Hughes, the former OC of the South Armagh brigade of the IRA! 

Then we see the PPS refusal to even entertain charging Gerry Adams. We had the ludicrous situation whereby Barra McGrory, Gerry Adams former solicitor, went through the motions of asking Gerry Adams other former solicitor, John Larkin,  to review the decision not to charge him. This was meant to take two weeks. It has been almost two years. If it weren’t so serious it would be laughable. 

Of course it’s been just over a year since the PPS also received a separate case file in relation to Gerry Adams- 12 months on and no decision has been made! The file is no doubt buried somewhere, the PPS desperately trying to work out how they can gently slip it out under the door with the file stamped ‘must not prosecute’.

All of the above is a snap shot, a small number of examples of the biased and one sided nature of justice in this Country. People need to wake up and realise just how deep the IRA;s writ now runs in this Country and those in power need to strongly challenge the perversion of justice and somehow undo the horrendous betrayal at Hillsborough, the betrayal that allowed the surrogates of the IRA, Sinn Fein, to get their bloody hands on the levers of policing and justice! 
They won’t stop until they have destroyed every band, every lodge, every parade and eventually every Ulster Protestant!


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