PSNI refusal to arrest Fennell highlights the clear disparity in policing!

It comes as no surprise to me that the PSNI have yet to take any action against self proclaimed dissident Republican Dee Fennell following his encouragement of terrorism and ‘armed struggle’ during his oration at a republican terrorfest in North Armagh last week. 

There is provision under the terrorism act of encouraging future acts of terrorism- I would submit, and I believe any right thinking person would agree, that calling for armed struggle in 2015 is an act of encouraging future terrorism and therefore seriously in breach of the prevention of terrorism act. 

Let’s also remember that William Frazer and myself were remanded into custody under the provisions of section 46 of the serious crime act for allegedly encouraging an illegal act. The act we were accused of encouraging? An unotified public procession! The use of this legislation was ludicrous, laughable and made a mockery of the justice system however what is good for the goose is good for the gander- so why is this legislation or the terrorism act not being used to arrest IRA terrorist Dee Fennell who is encouraging people to take up guns and bombs? 

I was a threat to national security for peacefully protesting according to the PSNI- yet they take no action against those calling for terrorists to take up arms! 

The PSNI also couldn’t wait to arrest Ruth Patterson at her place of work for making a Facebook comment- why is the law different when it is a loyalist? 

This incident serves to once again highlight the clear disparity between the policing of loyalist communities and the policing of republican communities. The confidence in the PSNI within the loyalist community is at zero. This further serves to highlight the partial policing of the PSNI and given the recent revelations of collusion between the PSNI and INLA along with the ongoing concerns around the IRA’s former Solicitors role as DPP, there are real and genuine concerns that policing and justice is weighted heavily against the PUL community. 

All elected Unionist representatives should be up in arms demanding the immediate arrest of Dee Fennell. Everyone should be equal under the law and equally subject to the law- so if it is good enough to lock up Willie Frazer, Ruth Patterson and myself then it is certainly good enough to lock up Dee Fennell! 


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