Concerned ‘residents’ seeking to be offended as parade passes peacefully! 

Today’s parade passed of largely peacefully. It was unfortunate that some hate filled nationalist ‘residents’ resorted to hurling abuse and issuing empty threats. I did however expect nothing less from the so called ‘concerned residents’. I can be certain that if I threatened to cut someone’s throat, the PSNI would have me locked up before the words had finished coming out of my mouth. Once again it seems the law applies to some people, some of the time! 

Sinn Fein, the surrogates of the murderous IRA, complained that the parade was an hour late. How bizarre- they were unhappy that they had to stand for an extra hour waiting to be offended. If they were that bothered why not just go on home? 

Sinn Fein also complained about the choice of hymn. They have asked for prosecutions. I would assume that even the PPS would have a hard job mounting a prosecution for the playing of Glory Glory Hallelujah. A hymn book provides a defence that even the PPS couldn’t abuse the law to get around! Even if they once again reversed the burden of proof, they still would have no chance of a prosecution. If others view Glory Glory Hallelujah as another kind of song then that is a matter entirely for them. 

Following the IRA terrorfest yesterday it is rich for Sinn Fein to be making any kind of complaint in relation to lawful & peaceful Apprentice Boys parades! 


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