Political case against YCV a warning to us all

The ongoing case against the Young Conway Volunteers Flute Band stands as a stark example of the corrupt and pro Republican political cabal that runs through our systems of policing and justice. It also is a giant flashing warning light for the rest of the Protestant community, one which I feel has yet to be fully heeded. 

This case is just one example of how policing and justice has been used as a political tool in the ongoing cultural war against the Protestant community. I have heard little from any of our elected politicians in terms of speaking out in support of the band, perhaps some of them are wise enough to realise that these problems within our justice system stem from one place and that is the Hillsborough agreement, therefore perhaps they don’t want to highlight this fact and expose their own faults! 

The case against this band has been malicious and contrived from day one; the draconian and outrageous bail conditions placed upon the band members had a very clear and distinct agenda and that was to utterly destroy the YCV FB. It is the YCB FB this time, but it could be any band next. The political cabal waging the war of criminalisation against the Protestant community have time on their side and make no mistake about it, once they have finished persecuting the YCV band they will move onto their next target as they relentlessly pursue their ultimate aim- the total and complete destruction of every vestige of Ulster Protestant culture from this Country. It is another one of those Republican Trojan horses and this time the horse is actively supported by the PSNI and PPS. 

In the case against the YCV flute band one only had to look how JJ Magee, a Sinn Fein/IRA member, was brought into court by a PSNI officer and treated as the hero of the hour as a Crown witness for the Public Prosecution Service- whether it pained the PPS or JJ Magee more to hear the term ‘Crown witness’ used remains to be seen. 

I have raised very serious concerns about the impartiality and perceived bias within the PPS for a long time. One only has to look at the prosecutions mounted since the appointment of the former solicitor of choice for the IRA Army council, Mr Barra McGrory. One must also look at the type of questioning used by the PPS barristers, it is quite clear they have a deep rooted distain of the Protestant culture and they use every opportunity to try and demonise the Protestant culture and tradition. In my own personal case the PPS barrister played a video of a crowd singing ‘no Pope in Rome’ and proceeded to label this as ‘disgraceful behaviour’. Just who is this barrister to make a judgement call on that? Who is he to comment, whilst employed by the PPS, on an expression of anyone’s culture when there had been no breach of the law? 

The PSNI work hand in glove with the PPS in pursuing these fruitless and political prosecutions, which more often than not end up as nothing more than Protestant bashing persecutions! Of course the concerns about republican infiltration of the PSNI, that people such as me were mocked and derided for voicing, have proven to be well founded following the recent suspension of a Sergeant for passing information to the INLA. How many more PSNI officers is passing information to republicans or actively doing their bidding by criminalising expressions of Protestant culture? 

Sinn Fein has made considerable political capital out of claims of collusion between loyalists and the RUC yet they seem to be totally silent on the clear collusion between the PSNI and republicans. They also seem to be silent on the actions of the PPS, who quite often seem to mount very convenient prosecutions against not only Protestants but also against anyone within the republican community who speaks out against the Sinn Fein peace process strategy. 

The Belfast Agreement has allowed republicans to infiltrate every civic and public body as a result of the perverse notion of ‘positive discrimination’. They now have their blood stained hands on the levers of justice and there is a clear cabal which runs throughout the PSNI, PPS and bodies such as the totally discredited and unelected quango, the parades commission. 

Far too often the Judiciary have either willingly or unknowingly pandered to this political cabal by playing along with blatant and clear political prosecutions. The judicial system has failed to robustly challenge the PSNI and PPS, instead giving them a free ride to contrive all sorts of fanciful cases using dubious pieces of legislation. A lot of the cases have verged on nothing more than legalised internment! 

The case against the YCV band should open the eyes of every bandsman in the country. The court should have been rammed with hundreds of bandsmen supporting the YCV band, but sadly too many seem to care little as long as it doesn’t affect them or their band, but who knows which band will be targeted next. Who will the PSNI and PPS hound next with draconian bail conditions and malicious prosecutions designed to destroy the band? We have already seen the criminalisation war beginning to be waged against the Pride of Ardoyne for playing music in a 100% loyalist area. This is where we are at and unless people wake up and take a stand to resist this horrific oppression that is silently engulfing our people then before we know it we will be so oppressed that there will be no way back. We must resist now before it is too late. 

They came for Drumcree but I am not a Portadown Orangeman…

They came for Rasharkin but that is miles away…

They came for Coleraine but I don’t march in Coleraine…

They came for the Crumlin Road but I don’t march the Crumlin Road…

They came for Clifton Street but I don’t march Clifton Street…

They came for the YCV band but I am not in the YCV band…

They came for the POA but I am not in the POA….

They jailed a Protestant for playing a flute but I didn’t know him…

They jailed peaceful flag protestors for defending the Union flag but they weren’t my friends…

They changed the law to persecute outspoken Protestants but I haven’t been charged…

Eventually they will come for every band, every lodge and every Protestant. Resist now whilst there is still a chance of victory because it may come to the point when even resistance will be fruitless. 

Stay silent and watch the chains of oppression become tighter or resist and stand together to defend our freedom and liberty.


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