Kelly admits Royal Pardon- who is the ‘fantasist’ now? 

For the past two years I have continually raised the issue that elected members of Sinn Fein had Royal Pardons. Indeed I furnished Kate Hoey MP with a document that led her to exposing, via a question to the Secretary of State, the vast number of pardons that had been issued. 

I was mocked and laughed at by those who said I was a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and a ‘nut-job’. I published a video two years ago saying that Gerry Kelly was in receipt of a Royal Pardon, once again I was dismissed as a fantasist. 

Following Mr Kellys admission today that indeed he does have a Royal Pardon, I find it hilarious to watch the faux outrage and how some media are reporting it as ‘breaking news’. 

I also stated that many of those who received pardons were assets of MI5 and British Military intelligence. If anyone still thinks I am a fantasist then perhaps you should look at the example of my ‘fantasy’ in relation to Gerry Kelly and ask yourself the question, what if the fantasists are those who are blinded by their desire to keep this sham process on track?


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