Judicial impartiality surrendered on the political altar! 

I am not in anyway surprised by today’s verdict. I have long predicted it and indeed I think from the moment the Judicial system granted bail to Sean Hughes on terrorism charges and remanded me in custody for peacefully protesting, it was plain for all to see that there was never going to be a fair trial within the Magistrates court.

The Judges ruling was as politically motivated as are ever likely to hear in a Magistrates court. No logic, the only aim was to protect the PSNI at all costs. She also clearly relied on the evidence of two police officers, both of gave different accounts. In other words they lied. 

Indeed this harsh truth was confirmed when the Judge agreed to  disregard my Article 6 right to a fair trial and reversed the burden of proof for the first time in history under this legislation. Of course the Judge then denied my right to appeal this absurd decision to a higher court, forcing the sham trial to proceed using the ludicrous reversed burden to ensure it was effectively impossible for me to provide any defence to the malicious and contrived political charges levelled against me. 

The lack of concern for a fair trial was confirmed further when during the trial the farcical PPS case was allowed to proceed and the Judge permitted the PPS Barrister, sent down from a higher court, to ask questions not at all relevant to the case and indeed further to this the Judge protected senior PSNI officers from rigorous questioning at all costs. 

I will appeal this farcical and biased decision in every court available to me. The very fact that I have been judged to a higher standard than others who have been charged, and acquitted, makes it quite clear that not only am I being persecuted for my refusal to silently roll over under the jackboot of the PSNI & the PPS but that the justice system is using this as a test case to strengthen parading legislation and to effectively remove any defence to the charge. It opens the door for legalised internment and it’s about time people woke up and realised that. 

I have no regrets about fighting the case. I always knew I would be found guilty and I had zero faith in my Article 6 rights being upheld but I felt it imperative that I fought on regardless. I think anyone who was in the court seen the whole case for the farce that it is. It was a circus and I am hard pushed to select who the biggest clown was! 

Of course let’s not forget that a document sits completed in the Police Ombudsman office that is damming of the PSNI and would totally vindicate me. It has been withheld so as to protect the PSNI from it being aired in open court. 

 This is a mere skirmish, a small battle in what will be a long war. The real fight will be before a High Court judge and I must say, judging from experience, at least then I will be given the right to a fair trial, which is all I have ever wanted. 

The PPS couldn’t make the charges stick so they just contrived with elements of the Judiciary to change the burden of proof. That is not justice. That is an abuse of process and an abuse of the system! 

The cry was, is and always will be…No Surrender! 


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