ACC Kerr’s mystery ‘tape’ & the Judicial protection of the PSNI

 ACC Will Kerr had a ring of steel thrown around him by the PPS and the Judiciary when he was summoned to give evidence at the final day of my trial. 

He took to the stand and informed the court that everyone at the meeting on 29th January knew the weekly walks from East Belfast were illegal. That is strange because if you check the policing board minutes from 7th February they told the Policing Board they were not sure if it was illegal. I would hate to call the ACC a bare faced liar so instead I will let others judge how much credibility can be attached to this officer and indeed the PSNI as a whole! 

ACC Kerr also stated in a sworn affidavit to a Judicial review that he only took the decision that the walks were illegal in the middle of February and indeed only decided to stop them on the weekend following the 23rd February. Of course it is no surprise that the PPS refuse to disclose this affidavit, which I have seen, to my defence team.  

It is of course all one big co incidence that it was in this week following 23rd February that the order was given, following a meeting with Sinn Fein/IRA, to arrest me and subsequently the PSNI, PPS and the judiciary contrived to effectively legally intern me on the basis of the most farcical charges ever to enter a Northern Ireland courtroom. 

ACC Kerr also skipped around the questions about an interview he gave to the Irish News when he said ‘there is no such thing as an illegal parade under the public processions act’. He claimed that The Lord Chief Justice has heard the full transcript of this tape. Really? That’s very interesting, because the judicial review case was told the PSNI’s did not have a complete copy of the interview. 

So either the Irish News released their tape to the Lord Chief Justice, or else once again there is a massive question mark over the credibility that can be attached to what is offered up as ‘truth’ by the PSNI.  

Where is this tape of the interview? If the Irish News didn’t release it then does that mean a tape of the interview does exist, but the PSNI lied to the Judicial review? They would really need to make their mind up! 

I will rigorously be seeking the truth about this fantasy tape and of course even an Officer in the case allegedly felt that information was being withild by senior PSNI. 

The Police Ombudsman report that is being hidden so as to avoid it being aired in open court shows the sheer corruption that has polluted every avenue of so called policing and justice. 

This isn’t going away and when I am inevitably found guilty, on the basis of not a single piece of credible evidence, I will go straight to the appeal court and re-run this entire trial. I will fight tooth and nail for every piece of disclosure and I will have the ACC back on the stand and he will then have to explain why he- in my opinion- wilfully misled the court, the policing board and the general public. 

ACC Kerr may have slithered out of Belfast Magistrates court last week with the ‘impartial’ apparatus of justice protecting him, but rest assured his confidence is misplaced. He may feel he has managed to duck and dive and avoid the battle but this initial contest is only the beginning. He will be back before the appeal court and wouldn’t it be shocking if a copy of this phantom tape did appear and wouldn’t it be even more shocking but not altogether unsurprising, if we were to find out that the complete recording of the interview had been withheld from a High Court judge?


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