Final day of trial exposes the corruption at heart of policing & justice! 

The 9th March concluded perhaps the most farcical case that has ever entered a N.Ireland courtroom. 

The final day ended with ACC Will Kerr having to be called as a defence witness and due to this the prosecution bizarrely kept intervening to avoid the defence asking our own witness any pointed questions. 

The PPS and PSNI had clearly conspired beforehand, this of course is no shock to me. 

We have seen throughout this case no evidence of any wrongdoing. The severe lack of evidence led the PPS to seeking a reverse burden for the first time ever under this legislation. This effectively means I have to PROVE my innocence. It is pretty much impossible to PROVE my state of mind. This shows the desperation to secure a conviction at any cost, even the cost of usurping centuries of British justice. 

We had PSNI officers exposed as liars who claimed they just decided to make statements 4 months AFTER I was arrested, then we heard about the internal memo whereby senior police asked officers if anybody could make a statement against me, about anything at all. Totally and utterly farcical. 

Not one person has ever spent a single day, not a single day in prison on the basis of any charge under this legislation. Never. Yet I have already spent an effective 2 month sentence on remand. That is in itself a precedent. 

I have no doubt whatsoever I will be found guilty. It is and always has been a political persecution and when the Judge agreed to reverse the burden of proof to assist the PPS I think it was plain for all to see just where the judicial loyalty lies in this ‘case’. What ever happened to the fundamental principle of the presumption of innocent until proven guilty? I am guilty until I can prove myself innocent. 

The aim of this is sending me to prison. They know full well that this entire farce will be laughed out of the High Court on appeal. They want to lock me up and keep me off the streets pending the appeal. No one has ever went to prison for a single minute for this offence, but that won’t deter the unaccountable political cabal behind this witch hunt. They need a scapegoat and they need cover for spending over £1 million trying to convict someone of effective jay walking. 

Even through there is a inevitability about the outrageous outcome, I wouldn’t do a thing differently. I am glad I fought the case the whole way and never once compromised with them in anyway. 

A great evil is perverting our justice system and our country. The very principles of democracy and justice are being eroded in favour of a system that would shame North Korea. I am glad I resisted it, even at great personal cost to myself. 

I have done nothing wrong and will fight this injustice in every lawful method available to me. 

No regrets. No remorse. No surrender. 


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