Final day of the malicious case- PSNI/PPS could not win! 

Tomorrow is the final day of the malicious and politically contrived farce of a case against me. 

I have fought this abuse of process from the moment it began and I intend to fight it until the bitter end, even if that is not in my own interests. 

I have no doubt I will be found guilty in the Magistrates court. No doubt whatsoever. There isn’t a shred, not a single shred of credible evidence against me but given they have wasted close to £1 million pursuing this farce of a case, I believe elements of the judiciary will feel the need to ensure a conviction. That is wrong, it is political and it is a malicious abuse of process but welcome to Northern Ireland. 

Some people chose to make deals and plead guilty. I could not sleep in my bed at night if I made any deal. I could have walked away with a small fine a free man had I just compromised with them and allowed them to get a small conviction, I told them to shove their dove!

I have done nothing wrong and I will not meekly roll over and surrender everything I believe is right just to appease the PSNI and PPS. 

I would rather rot in jail having fought them every step of the way than walk out a free man and know within myself I was a coward. 

People mocked me, abused me and said I would never withstand everything they would throw at me. People said I would buckle and eventually make a deal. People said that I would never get ACC Will Kerr into court, it was a certainty I would fail they said. They said I could never withstand the questioning from the senior Barrister the PPS brought from the crown court to run my case. 

Well tomorrow is the final day and I am still standing, the PPS barrister had to stop his questioning early due to him being left in knots, I still have the stomach for the fight and ACC Will Kerr- much to his anger- has been subpoenaed and will take the stand and as a result become the highest ranking officer ever to give evidence in a Magistrates court. 

I am first person ever to have a reversed burden of proof under the parading legislation. The Ombudsman hold in their possession a damming report that would totally vindicate me yet they withhold it and the PSNI have sent their attack dogs out to harass me and generally deploy every dirty trick in the book to break me. 

They just don’t understand. You cannot break a man that would rather die than compromise with you. Some people can’t be bought, bullied or reasoned with. I am one of those people and perhaps that is to my detriment. 

I have fought the weight of the whole system to the final round. I am coming out of my corner and I am coming out swinging. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. No matter what they couldn’t beat me, so if they win on points because of some twisted decision by a ‘homer’ then so be it, but no matter what happens they will know that they threw everything they had at me and in the end I was still standing facing them down. 

Long live loyal Ulster! 


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