Police Ombudsman withholding damning report to protect ACC Kerr on witness stand

Today I have had to once again write to the Police Ombudsman requesting full disclosure of the completed report into my complaints against PSNI within 48 hours. I have put them on notice that should this not be forthcoming then I will request my legal team initiate emergency third party disclosure proceedings to seek an order from the court to compel the Ombudsman to release the report. 

This report has been completed for quite some time. Initially I was told the Director had to personally review the report due to the serious nature of it and given that there were ‘National security’ issues around the disclosure within it. What national security really means is that the security services have cocked up and this is their get out of jail free card! 

As I have pressed the issue finally yesterday the Ombudsman admitted that the review was complete and quite unbelievably stated that it should be in my possession by start of next week. Conveniently a day or two after the end of my court case. 

I found this wholly unsatisfactory so today rang the Ombudsman to offer to personally collect the report, I was then told that now there are new lines of enquiry and this would stall the report once again. It is remarkable how his has happened within 24 hours! 

It is my clear contention that this report will be absolutely damming of the PSNI and will completely undermine their case against me. It will also raise serious questions for the ACC who has been subpoenaed to attend court on Monday to be cross examined by my defence team. 

I will eventually get this report and it will be submitted to the court. If, as I believe, that the Ombudsman is stalling this to protect the ACC and purposefully withholding it to interfere with the court process then I will ensure that is exposed. 

This is just the latest in a long line of dubious ‘misfortunes’ that seem to all be weaving together conveniently to try and protect the PSNI. 

It matters not for how long this goes on, I will eventually get the report and the disclosure. It cannot be buried for ever. And I will use every lawful method available to me. The PSNI and PPS wanted a fight, they are getting more than they bargained for! 


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