Ombudsman statement puts an end to the ‘tea and buns touts’

Today’s statement by the Police Ombudsman puts a swift end to the PSNI practice of holding ‘quiet conversations’. This perverse tactic has long be used by the PSNI to garner information from those community representatives who would be ‘friendly’ with the PSNI.

It has been a practice of bending the law with a nod and a wink, a practice of manipulating communities and abusing the notion of ‘common sense policing’. It is a practice whereby the PSNI sit down with friendly community faces, who are singing the correct political tune, and discuss how to get rid of those within the community who don’t play to the correct political tune. The genesis of trumped up charges against non compliant or problematic political activists begins in these little tea and buns gatherings.

I am pleased to say these days are over. It is a sad day for the tea and buns touts, no more will they be wined and dined in the Police stations whilst making allegations and pleading with the PSNI to remove political activists who dare to interfere in their funding gravy train.


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