Judge REFUSES right to appeal horrific decision

In yet another outrageous abuse of lawful process I have this morning been informed that Judge Bagnall has refused me a right to appeal her outrageous and oppressive decision to reverse the burden of proof in my politically contrived case.

Where else in any civilised western democracy would you be refused the right to appeal a lawful decision to a higher court?

Judge Bagnall is saying that the trial should run and if we don’t like the reversed burden and I am found guilty, which I most certainly will be given it is almost impossible to win with a reversed burden, then I should raise the issue with a County court judge on appeal. This is of course providing at that stage she would actually allow an appeal.

This issue is a preliminary point of law- it materially effects how my defence will be run- so to suggest that you would run a case and then re-run the case in the opposite direction on appeal is laughable, ludicrous and even the most elementary child would understand that the trial and evidence would be irreversibly prejudiced.

What this is really all about is ensuring that I cannot take the witness stand- because on an evidential basis it will effectively guarantee I am found guilty. Judge Bagnall doesn’t want me appealing the decision because it is patently obvious that it will be overturned, so the aim of the powers that be is to get us to run the trial with a particular line of defence and then come appeal be forced to run the same defence even if her decision to reverse the burden is overturned. This in their mind will keep me off the witness stand and allow the PSNI ACC to wriggle out of answering a summons to attend.
I don’t think so!

They continue to fail to grasp that I do not care for the consequences, I care only for what is right and I continue believe in the cause that has landed me in this politically contrived case.
Even if I condemn myself I WILL take the stand and I WILL expose every single one of them!

There is no easy way out, there will be no deals. They can do their worst, however they are exposing their political agenda and the perceived lack of judicial impartiality in this country more and more with each outrageously oppressive attempt to silence me.


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