Facts of my case- Is this is persecution? You decide!

I will allow people to look at the facts below and judge for themselves what is going on- love me or hate me I am entitled to fair & open justice and equality under law.

• First person ever to be charged with Serious Crime Act (hate preacher charges) when the offence alleged to be encouraged is a summary only offence.

• One of only two people, the other being William Frazer (who’s charges have been dropped) to spend even a single day in jail on the basis of an unnotified public procession charge. I ended up serving an effective 2 month sentence on remand.
If I pleaded guilty now the law would not allow any greater sentence to be given- with the credit for a guilty plea I would have served the absolute maximum sentence possible.

• Strictest bail conditions ever imposed anywhere in the United Kingdom. Only person who’s conditions came close was Abu Hamza- the Islamist hate preacher!

• Longest running Magistrates case in PPS’s legal history. Evidence was there on the day of my arrest and two years later the PSNI & PPS are stalling trying to move the goalposts.

• After my defence being ready for 2 years to run the trial- the PSNI & PPS, who stalled for 2 years with what has now been proven to be lies- are demanding that the trial now takes place right in the mouth of when my baby boy is to be born. The Judiciary are facilitating this and whilst they were happy to adjourn and adjourn, even when it was proven they were being lied to, but when a compassionate request is made for a suitable trial date they refuse to budge.

• First time the burden of proof has ever been reversed using this legislation. I am forced to PROVE my innocence. The ECHR should trump this but Judge Fiona Bagnall is refusing my right to appeal her decision- instead demanding that the trial runs regardless of whether it is in breach of my human rights.

• Whilst others have been charged for breaches under the public processions act, they have been judge by one standard of proof- I am to be judged to a higher standard thus ensuring I am treated entirely differently than anyone else charged with this same legislation.

• They tried to remove my legal aid in July 2013 to force me to abandon a legal appeal in the High Court. After I decided to represent myself and proceed regardless- they panicked and reinstated my legal aid.

• I am the subject of daily PSNI harassment with every officer who sees me now producing their standard issue blackberry phone, or police notebook, and detailing what I am doing and who I am with.

• Those close to me are also subject to daily harassment and are being followed by the PSNI and one man has been approached by dubious security force individuals on three occasions.

• I am in receipt of high grade intelligence assessed threats to my life.


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