The TRUTH about North Belfast parading panel!

There has been many sham fights over the past few weeks since the iniquitous and perverse Stormont House Agreement.

Five months ago I publicly said that Peter Robinson had already made a deal with the SOS, he would sacrifice North Belfast in return for SF accepting welfare reform and the devolution of corporation tax. Robinson was pulled about this by Edwin Poots in an executive DUP meeting- Poots and others were sacked the next day.

After the Stormont House betrayal the DUP, SF and the British Government realised that the DUP needed some way of absolving themselves of blame for the betrayal of parading and specifically they needed a route out of the ‘graduated response’. It was agreed that the SOS would collapse the panel, the DUP would make some public noise and then the SOS would publicly throw the blame onto the ‘smaller parties’, making it seem like the DUP were the great champions of loyalism whilst the ‘smaller parties’ were to blame.

This is an entirely contrived sham fight designed to strengthen the hand of the DUP and to give them some cover for their epic rollover!
Of course the demand of a panel was never going anywhere- the DUP asked for the SOS to propose this to get them a way of appeasing those who actually wanted a ‘graduated response’- all the while they knew full well that after the Stormont House Agreement the panel would be scrapped.

Never trust the DUP- seldom has this province ever seen traitors of their kind. It is all smoke and mirrors.


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