Landmark legal ruling shows Judiciary have lost the run of themselves

Today’s ruling in the words of Judge Bagnall will have ‘massive implications’ for parading in N.Ireland.

In my view it is outrageous and listening to Judge Bagnall’s ruling it is clear in my opinion that she has allowed herself to become a political instrument of the Government.
She repeatedly stated how important the ruling was to help the police keep the peace and prevent disorder. That has nothing to do with justice and I can only conclude that the Judge- for one reason or another- has allowed her impartiality to be swayed by the political powers that be.
That of course is only my personal opinion, which I am entitled to hold, but I would not be surprised if this particular Judge quickly rises up the judicial ranks within the coming years.

It is totally in contravention of the ECHR and what is even more embarrassing is that this is the first time that the Government have succeeded in superseding the ECHR in a parade related case.
Why have they only sought to reverse this burden in my case?

It is clear that this is not only a political show trial but a legal test case whereby the Government are bringing their full weight to bear upon the Judiciary. A weight the judiciary evidentially cannot cope with in my opinion.

I will continue to fight this sham and to expose those I who believe are manipulating justice for personal gain or political purposes.

Whilst no one in the history of the UK has ever been jailed for this kind of offence, Judge Bagnall compared my case to a case involving the terrorism act. That in itself shows quite clearly that the well paid civil servants in the judiciary have lost the run of themselves.

I will now go straight to the court of appeal and can only hope that the principles of judicial impartiality and justice can be found there because I believe they are seriously lacking in Belfast Magistrates Court where it seems the judiciary have buckled under the weight of political pressure.


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