Court Update- Is the Judiciary politically compromised?

Tomorrow in a special sitting of Belfast magistrates Court the judge will give her ruling on the preposterous attempts by the PPS, which is headed up by the IRA’s former solicitor Barra McGrory, to change the burden of proof for cases related to the Public Processions Act.

This ruling will have massive ramifications for all parade related charges and if the PPS are successful it will effectively remove the reasonable defence that was initially included within the legislation. It is oppressive and it is ludicrous, yet it is no more than I have come to expect from the PPS who along with the PSNI are operating to a political agenda to ‘protect the process’.

This cases has now trundled on for over two years in one of the longest ever running magistrates cases. It is bizarre given that all the so called ‘evidence’ was in the PSNI’s possession over two years ago. The cost to the public purse has been astronomical.

I believe the Judiciary are supposed to stand as the final bulwark between freedom and tyranny, yet I do not hold out much hope of the judiciary protecting the law abiding Protestant people from the political persecution being waged against Ulster Protestants.

Tomorrow’s ruling will shine a light on whether the judiciary are indeed impartial or whether some judges are merely part of the politically compromised cabal that abuse the system of law and justice for political purposes.

If the Judge allows the PPS to shift the goalposts- for the first time ever in a parade related case- then not only will it become clear that I am being treated vastly differently and being judged on a different evidential burden than anyone else who has been charged before me, but it will show that this entire farce of a case against me and the internment of many Protestants has been carried out with a nod and a wink from a sympathetic judiciary.

I will continue this legal fight as far as it can possibly go and it is my aim to expose this entire so called ‘justice’ system for the sham that it is.

It is also interesting to note that the Police Ombudsman are stalling on releasing a report into a number of complaints I made which alleged serious mis-conduct, corruption and possible illegality on the part of senior PSNI officers. Why?

I believe that the attempts to change the evidential burden are at it’s core an attempt to make it counter productive-from my point of view- for me to take the witness stand. They don’t want what I have to say coming out in open court.
For the same reason the Ombudsman are stalling on releasing their report.

I can assure the PSNI & PPS that I will not rest until the corruption that lies at the heart of the so called ‘justice’ system is exposed.


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