Review of 2014

The past year has once again been a torrid one for the Protestants of Northern Ireland. Our community has been consistently denied the right to our basic civil and religious liberties by a fascist, oppressive and utterly disgraceful parades commission, we have seen peaceful Ulster Protestants criminalised under the jackboot of the PSNI and Public Prosecution Service- which is headed up by the IRA’s former Solictor- as well as a continual political process of appeasement.

The so called big house Unionist representatives utterly betrayed the PUL community and exposed themselves like never before with their sham ‘graduated response’. Seldom throughout Ulsters history has anyone betrayed their own people like the DUP & UUP did with what became little more than a ‘graduated surrender’.
I predicted this and warned that it would happen from the moment it was muted. It is disappointing that some chose to ignore those warnings and instead put their faith in those who have for quite some time now been traitors to the cause they once claimed to hold dear.

The IRA OTR scheme has had a little more light shone upon it- much of this was down to the courage of Kate Hoey MP in pursuing documents she was given which highlighted the true nature of this despicable ‘scheme’ which granted an amnesty not only to IRA terrorists but in some cases covered the backs of the MI5/MI6 officers who handled senior members of the IRA and who approved of IRA operations that caused the loss of life of British citizens. This has yet to be fully exposed but I trust in 2015 it will be.

The mask slipped for Sinn Fein in 2014 as Gerry Adams said what I and others have been saying for a long time- equality is nothing more than a Trojan horse for the IRA to break Unionist ‘bastards’ (the words of Gerry Adams who covered up sexual abuse and ordered the murder & maiming of thousands of innocent people).

The Ashers bakery case exposed the aggressive gay agenda which has sadly been supported by the equality commission. As a Protestant it is vital that traditional Protestant biblical values are upheld and support for gay marriage is something that goes against biblical principles. We must ensure loyalty to both God and to Ulster and therefore this means upholding Gods word.
In this regard the DUP’s conscience cause proposal is a must and I commend this action.

On a personal note the laughable and ludicrous charges against me have trundled on thus setting the record for the longest and most expensive ever Magistrates case in Northern Ireland.
The PPS have amazed those in legal circles by continuing with their farce of a case and have went to extreme lengths to try and change the interpretation of legislation simply to give them some kind of better chance at convicting me.
It is important to note this is the first time they have EVER done this with this particular legislation. It is a clear and blatant witch hunt against me.
I hope the charges proceed to the courtroom and it is my intention to ensure that for the first time a ACC will be called to give evidence in a Magistrates trial. I intend to open a serious can of worms for the PSNI causing them maximum humiliation and exposing many of the aspects of their conduct that they would rather was hidden from public view. They know, I know and everyone knows that they messed up and handled the flag protests badly. I intend to shine a light on this like never before. It is no more than they so richly deserve.

I also look forward to continuing the battle against George Galloway and his top legal team. Many people laughed and mocked William Frazer and me for taking on this legal fight ourselves. We have silenced the critics and won some memorable victories against all the odds. We hope for more of the same in 2015.

The year ended with an agreement that takes its place beside the Belfast, St Andrews & Hillsborough agreements as one of the saddest political days that the province has ever known. History will not judge the implementers, conspirators or supporters of the Stormont House Agreement kindly.

I hope that in 2015 the political fight against the undemocratic and IRA appeasing system of Government will continue and that we will make yet more headway.
The truth is the truth even if you are in a minority of one. Light will always outshine darkness and it is only a matter of time before this Stormont Assembly and those who sustain it fall- treason and treachery together.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Long live loyal Ulster!


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