Talks farce exposes the DUP & those riding their coattails!

This most recent talks process has shown the DUP up for the duplicitous, deceitful, lying and treacherous sell outs that they are.
The DUP of course are backed up by some so called ‘loyalists’ (I would say they are only loyal to their bank account) who benefit from the access to the funding purse strings that acting as puppets for the DUP provides- thank God that not everyone is motivated by money.

Of course the DUP started off with their big stand on parading & saying that the Irish Government would not be involved in talks. They have rolled over on both these issues.
Then we have the debacle of the graduated response. I am quite pleased that my initial assessment, (which I voiced prior to the 12th July) on the farce that was more akin to a graduated surrender, has been vindicated. It seems that those who have now withdraw from the so called ‘coalition’ have now come to agree with the viewpoint that I, and a small number others, expressed from the outset! It appears to be the Unionist Forum all over again!

Peter Weir had publicly said the DUP would not be engaging with the Irish Government. He said that “no self respecting Unionist would discuss the internal issues of NI with the Irish Government”. Some may have been fooled by this hard talk- I certainly wasn’t. Here is the words of the Irish Governments Charlie Flanaghan, quoted from today’s Irish times:

““When the talks began neither the DUP or the UUP would enter the room with me. We have come a long way since then with about 90 meetings in various forms in the process being chaired by myself and Theresa Villiers.”

It is clear that the DUP have rolled over to the point that not only were the Irish Government involved- but they were chairing elements of the talks.

Of course they also spoke about parading. And then when they were challenged on this duplicitous approach they laughably said they weren’t negotiating about parading- just talking about parading.

They have no shame. Even worse are those who continue to hang on the coattails of the DUP. History will judge none of you kindly.

God speed the day when the shameful and treacherous Stormont institutions- propped up by the iniquitous Belfast Agreement and the St Andrews & Hillsborough betrayals- comes crashing down.
It is not peace- it is peace at any price and I for one have no intention of playing along with the sham.

All I want for Christmas is the falling of the institutions!
I would not however be surprised if the DUP once again put their Santa hat on and throw all sorts of gifts out to the IRA!


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