Graduated response exposed for the sham it is and always was!

Finally today the TUV, UKIP and later the PUP publicly withdrew from the ‘graduated response (surrender)’.
This ‘response’ all sounded well and good in principle but I, and others, warned in July that this was nothing more than the DUP & UUP trying to ensure a peaceful marching season, regardless of whether that meant a total capitulation and weak willed roll over to the fascist decisions by the Parades Commission.

We heard all sorts of promises of hardline ‘responses’ and I am glad to say that none of them ever fooled me. I knew all long that this ‘response’ would never materialise.
I am glad the TUV, PUP & UKIP have publicly ended their participation in perhaps one of the most humiliating charades that Unionists have ever been forced to endure.

The strategy behind this graduated response sham fight was exactly the same as when the DUP & UUP tried to take control of the flag protests by setting up a Unionist Forum.
I opposed that because I could see right through what they were trying to do. The Ulster Peoples Forum never put our name to that particular charade that attempted to suppress any dissent within Unionism.
The Unionist Forum eventually fell apart as well.

Roll over Unionism now sit in a talks process, cooking up deals with those who bombed and butchered the people of Ulster. I remind the DUP & UUP that over one hundred thousand Unionists are represented by those such as UKIP, the TUV & PUP- none of whom are involved in these shameful talks.
If you think for one minute you will force another betrayal onto the people of Ulster then you are sadly mistaken.


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