Stormont- the shameful legacy of the Belfast Agreement

Last nights Spotlight comes as no surprise to me.
The peace process is founded upon murder, lies & appeasement and it is within that context that a blind eye is turned to all sorts of criminal and fraudulent activity- just to literally ‘keep the peace’.

The threat hanging in the air is that we might go back to conflict if we don’t continue appeasing the IRA. Who would take us back I ask?
Yes the IRA!
Make no mistake, they only use the peace process as a tactic at the minute because it suits their aims.
They have swapped the armalite and bomb for the greatest Trojan Horse they have ever been gifted- the Belfast Agreement!

Never lose sight of the fact that all that is happening to the Unionist community stems from the Belfast Agreement.

The equality case against Ashers conscience- let’s not forget it is OFMDFM (DUP/SF) who fund the equality commission and it was via the Belfast Agreement that the equality commission came into being.

Let’s not forget that the parades commission that wages a relentless war on the Protestant community came into being via the Belfast Agreement.
It is all well and good jumping up and down now- but let’s remember that those who support and implement the Belfast Agreement by logical extension implement the existence of the anti Protestant parades commission.

The fraudulent and criminal activity exposed by last nights Spotlight program merely highlights one of the truths about the peace process. It shows the extent of good behaviour payments handed out to those who stay on board the peace train.

If you behave and sing of the right hymn sheet then you will be rewarded with a get out of jail free card- a bit like the one the IRA OTR’s got- to allow you to skim and scam until your hearts content!

Let’s remember that it is not only Sinn Fein milking the great cash cow of the peace process- there are also many within Unionism selling their soul for money. They will carry the shame with them for eternity!


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