Courtroom comedy- Galloway v Frazer

This morning I was completely amazed by the application brought by Frank O’Donaghue QC on behalf of George Galloway.

He sought to have me removed as William Frazers legal advisor and cited blogs I had written which were critical of the justice system.
Quite what this has to do with representing someone in Court one will never know.

It appears that Mr O’Donaghue QC’s argument seemed to be that if you hold a particular political viewpoint that this bars you from assisting or working in any legal format. This of course is merely my interpretation of what was said in open court and I trust Mr O’Donaghue QC will quantify his objections and explain them in more detail at a later stage. I look forward to hearing them and in turn responding to them.

I feel that it would be a completely baseless and a somewhat preposterous objection to continue presenting the judge with copies of political blogs and documents I have written. My political viewpoint should in no way bar me from any legal activity. One must only look at the recent statements issued by Madden & Finucane solicitors to see that quite often solicitors articulate political viewpoints and publicly comment on cases in a political context.

It seems from my interpretation of today that Mr O’Donaghue feels that my political viewpoints and my recent criticism of the justice system make it inappropriate that I would assist William Frazer in an entirely separate legal matter. This in my view has no basis in law and is quite frankly a comical objection.

If objections such as this are to be permitted in Northern Ireland Courtrooms then I would myself waste no time in objecting to my own charging by the PPS due to the previous clients of the Director for Public Prosecutions. (He was of course employed by Sinn Fein in the matter of the On The Runs).

During the Court hearing there was also numerous references made to the fact that the plaintiff in this case felt that we had received legal help in drafting our papers. This in fact is not true- I myself wrote the affidavit on Williams behalf and I am happy go under oath and testify to this.

I am at a loss to understand the unbelievable desire of Mr O’Donaghue to have me removed from this case and can only speculate as to his reasons for pursuing this course of action are.

I trust however that Mr Justice Stephenson will discharge his duty, as he has done so extremely diligently so far, and dismiss this quite absurd objection.

Here we have two men- a terminally ill victim from South Armagh and me-a ordinary young loyalist from Donaghadee- who are quite willing and prepared to go up against the highly qualified and finest QC’s in the land- yet they will not even simply allow us to challenge them in the Courtroom. They want to decide who can or can’t represent Mr Frazer. What is it they fear from us? They have all the resources, all the qualifications and the best barristers that money could buy and yet they won’t go up against two ordinary secondary school educated loyalists? I take that as a compliment!

I also look forward to the continuation of my own circus case tomorrow. I have invested in a good book to pass the time during the hearing. I see no reason why I would be acknowledging the attempts of the PPS to bury my human rights and circumvent the normal process of justice and a fair trial.


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